There’s no place like the Carolinas for the holidays and our Spice Bazaar Deep South Spice Box is full of southern inspired spices that are sure to bring your dishes to life. Give the gift of the South this holiday season and enjoy deep south cookin’ all year long!

Spice Bazaar Deep South Flavors - Bayou Burn, 2.2 oz.
Well look what the tide washed in. A flavorful and spicy blend that's practically a low country condiment. Boiled, fried, or steamed, Bayou Burn is the perfect compliment to anything that you can pull out of the water.
Spice Bazaar Deep South Flavors - All That Sass, 2.1 oz.
Sure, she may seem chock full of Southern charm, but this smoky and spicy seasoning ain't no Southern Belle. With a smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, and cumin, All That Sass is sure to bring some sass to any dish.
Spice Bazaar Deep South Flavors - Slow & Steady, 3.1 oz.
Seasoned for a place where the people are a little kinder, the air's a little thicker, the vowels a little drawn out. Sweet and warm and slow. Slow & Steady's versatile mixture of sugar and chili pepper plays well with just about any ingredient.
Spice Bazaar Deep South Flavors - Kick In The Mustard, 2.6 oz.
Down here, cooking meat isn't so much a product as a process. That's why we take things seriously with a sweet... then spicy rub. Kick In The Mustard's sugary flavors of honey and mustard blend seamlessly with spices and peppers to give your meat or dish the perfect kick.